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Chinese crude production peaked at some 4.3 mmb/d in 2015, capping off a long and steady rise that saw output rise from 3 mmb/d in 1996. But since then, output has fallen sharply. By 2017, the average output of Chinese fields was 3.8 mmb/d and by late 2018, production had fallen to 3.6 mmb/d. The issue is replenishment – the long and established Chinese oil fields in Bohai Bay are now way past their prime, and there have not been enough new fields joining the crowd to keep output at a steady level. Hopes that the American shale revolution could be repeated in inland China proved to be in vain, as geography stood in the way, and the world’s largest energy market is now more and more dependent on imports.

CNOOC plans to change that. After President Xi Jinping called for greater self-reliance and improving national security by boosting domestic reserves in August, the national upstream company CNOOC has now unveiled ambitious plans to boost capital spending with an eye to raise its production. Encompassing both domestic and international assets, CNOOC wants to boost its total capital budget by 14% to its highest level since 2014 to raise net production by 15%.

CNOOC’s focus will remain domestic, but international projects will assume greater importance as it aims to reduce its domestic share of total production from 65% to 63%. Within China, CNOOC will be looking at continuing shallow water exploration in the Bohai Bay and deepwater exploration in the Pearl River Mouth Basin, where it has recently signed strategic exploration deals in Areas A and Areas B. The integrated Huizhou 32-5/33-1 development has also started production, adding 19,200 b/d of output by 2020. It could move even further south, as China and The Philippines agreed to embark on joint exploration activities in disputed areas of the South China Sea. Opportunities exist where China and Vietnam have overlapping claims as well – but diplomatic relationships are more complicated there – and China is also continuing to use its muscle to claim purported oil-rich areas in the middle of the South China Sea around the Spratly Islands.

But while the domestic focus is aimed to meeting the Premier’s requests, it is internationally that the greater opportunities lie for CNOOC. Starting up this year will be the Egina oilfield in Nigeria, part of the OML130 block in which CNOOC has a 45% that includes the Akpo, Egina South and Preowei fields, with the Akpo producing 56,000 b/d last year. Promising assets in Uganda’s Lake Albert Basin, as well as Algeria, Gabon, Senegal and the Republic of Congo have also capped off a decade of growing investment into African upstream. Through its US$15.1 billion acquisition of Nexen in 2013, CNOOC has access to Canadian oil sands – which could make a comeback with the rise in crude prices – and it also has stakes in promising projects in Eagle Ford shale and deepwater Gulf of Mexico. But by far the best investment CNOOC has made is in Guyana, where it is a minority partner in ExxonMobil’s major discoveries in the Stabroek block – acquired when CNOOC decided to retreat from volatile Venezuela. With Guyanese production on track for 2020, CNOOC’s ambitious targets could be exceeded – and that’s good news for President Xi Jinping, who wants his state oil companies to grow from being domestic giants to international behemoths.

CNOOC Capital Expenditure Plans 2019-2020

  • Boost spending by 14% to US$11.8 billion
  • Raise net production by 15% to 545 million barrels of oil equivalent
  • Bring six new upstream projects on in 2019
  • Drill 173 new exploration wells
  • Map 28,500 square km of 3D seismic imagery

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Must have features of a chat service agent.

Communication is an art. Period”

It is true when we say that connecting with people is not everyone’s cup of tea. The first step is listening and then responding accordingly. 

When it comes to chatting services, it becomes even more crucial to be clear and transparent.

It falls under the category of Managed Chat Services. People are trained to know inside out about a particular service/product.

But what are the exact requirements and features for anyone to become a chat service agent? Find about them below:


This form of communication requires the agent to understand the need of the user properly and respond in a way that the easiest for them to understand. This differs from person to person easily.

It has been found that using managed services helps in acquiring customers and converting leads easily. People get quick quality responses which creates a good image of the seller in their minds. 

Be quick in responding. This show how alert and active the employees are. If the response takes a long amount of time, then it can leave the customer frustrated. This can end up creating a negative impact on the customer. 

There can be times when a shopper can get distracted or can get busy exploring other options/varieties online. This can look like the customer has helped but the reality is far away from it. Give the user a sufficient amount of time before declaring a chat dead or unresponsive.

October, 04 2022
Propane Bullet Tank: What Is It?

A Propane Bullet Tank, also known as LPG Above Ground Tanks, is used for storing liquid natural gas. The tanks have components that best fit your company's needs and are available in various sizes.

The size of a propane bullet tank can be anything from 6,000 and 30,000 gallons, with an 18,000 tank generally the most popular. Tank fill levels should not exceed 70–80% for liquid natural gas to expand inside the vessel.

For holding trucks to reach the site and collect liquids, a tank's average pressure should be approximately 250 psi. This will keep liquid natural gas contained and under low pressure.

What & Where Is Propane Bullet Tank Used?

You're undoubtedly wondering, "Where should I utilize or keep them?" A propane bullet tank is linked to the cold separator drain on a Joule Thomson System (JTS) or mechanical refrigeration devices for the collection and short-term storage of the recovered natural gas liquids.

These tanks are also utilized in refineries and other end-use facilities for the bulk storage of goods that can be sold, such as propane or butane.

LPG is kept in propane bullet tanks because the liquid gas needs to be kept under intense pressure to remain fluid. Bullet tanks effectively do this because of their evenly dispersed, consistent pressure. Since there are no edges, there is also no possibility of a variable pressure region.

What Can a Propane Bullet Tank Do?

  1. A channel called a bulkhead stanchion prevents unintentional vehicle pull-away.

  2. The most important valve on any tank is the pressure relief valve. It is intended to release too much pressure. 

  3. The level gauge continuously measures the levels of liquid natural gas.

  4. Reduces fluid loss during emergencies thanks to the emergency shutoff valve.

  5. If trucking drives away while the hoses are still attached and move, the bulkhead, flexible hose, and hose couplings protect the piping. The flexible hoses won't break the ridged pipework; they will stretch.

  6. The high-pressure regulator controls the pneumatic pressure necessary for all ESVs to operate effectively.

GasnTools offer the most excellent propane Bullet tanks at affordable prices. Offering high-quality bullet tanks is what they are involved in doing due to their knowledge and experience in this particular field.

LPG gas is frequently kept and stored in these tanks. These LPG Above Ground Tanks serve a variety of industrial utilities quite effectively. Only top-notch raw materials and cutting-edge technologies are used when making this tank.

October, 03 2022
Where To Buy Nitrogen Gas?

Nitrogen in liquid form is a colorless, odorless, nonflammable, inert cryogenic liquid. It has a boiling point of less than -130 °F (-196 °C). Although this product is freezing, Nitrogen is widely used in chemical analysis during sample preparation. It is employed in the concentration and condensing of liquid sample volumes. It is used in the production of explosives, nylon, nitric acid, fertilizers, and color-safe operation precautions must be taken when handling or using it in Dubai.

Buy Liquid Nitrogen Cylinder in the UAE from GasNtools and improve the display of your frozen items!

Ways To Deliver Nitrogen

You must be wondering where to buy nitrogen gas. GasNtools is one of the best liquid nitrogen suppliers that can meet your needs for nitrogen gas no matter what they are. They provide nitrogen to:

  • Compressed nitrogen is offered in a variety of cylinder sizes:

40-liter nitrogen cylinder with a 6 m3 capacity at 140 bar and a 10 m3 capacity at 200 bar.

  • Different-sized pour spouts of liquid nitrogen are available.

  • Massive service: For high-volume applications, liquid nitrogen is transported in cryogenic tankers to on-site storage. It is kept as a cryogenic liquid in a vacuum-insulated vessel that can hold enough over many days and is available as either a liquid or a gas on demand.

Food Industry

It has spread throughout the industry and is now widely used in restaurants to quickly freeze liquids to ice creams and desserts for live food displays. Because liquid nitrogen has a temperature of -196 °C, the liquid ice cream mixture can be quickly cooled and frozen. Any remaining nitrogen escapes as a gas. Another advantage of freezing is that it reduces dehydration losses, which can reach crucial economic tiers with these items under ambient air. The cost of liquid nitrogen in Dubai is completely inexpensive. As a result, many customers approach GasNtools to obtain this nitrogen gas quickly and affordably.


Although liquid nitrogen is safe in food and beverages, it should not be consumed immediately. Before providing it to the customer, it must have vanished entirely from the food or drink. Because it can be highly hazardous or devastating if not handled properly, this product is only maintained by trained chefs.

When managing liquid Nitrogen, wear dielectrics gloves and carefully made PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment).

GasNtools is Dubai's most dependable nitrogen gas supplier. They always transport nitrogen gas in a trustable container. You must use a service elevator to transport this gas.

October, 01 2022