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Last Updated: February 7, 2019
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Understanding the passenger car driver’s opinion on using car engine oil is more important for marketers. We all know, the drivers of the passenger car play a key role in the overall fleet management.

A small-scale survey in Dhaka city also revealed that result too.

We found, around 80% of car owners mostly rely on their drivers for the overall fleet maintenance as they don’t have the ample time to take care of their fleet personally.

Findings say the overall fleet maintenance is on the personal vehicle driver’s responsibility.

That is why we conducted a survey on 50 passenger car drivers of Dhaka city to understand the view of using lubricating oil.

Our findings say, 28% of car drivers don’t have the in-depth knowledge of using passenger car engine oil.

76% of car drivers rely on the mechanics for the oil change and they purchase their recommended oils. Sometimes they purchase the product can directly from the repair shop, as the mechanic also stores product cans on their shelves.

However, around 78% of drivers purchase the can of the engine oil personally from the retailer shop.

They are more willing to negotiate the pricing while purchasing the oil as the market is over-flooded with various brands.

Findings also revealed that 34% drivers aren’t willing to move into the new branded products at a reasonable price. As the market is exaggerated with lots of brands, they are concerned about the quality of those products.

64% passenger car drivers are more willing to use the popular engine oil brands for their fleets; as with those products they have their user experiences. Also, they don’t want to take any kind of risk with their fleet engines.

So, the passenger car drivers not always rely on the mechanic for changing the engine oil. However, they have their own preferences too in terms of choosing the engine oil.

Mostly they use those well-fitted regular oils for their fleets on which they have trust along with the user experience.

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