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Last Updated: April 16, 2020
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Leading oil & gas organisations understand that they must think and act differently in every crisis. No two crises are the same. Some organisations may choose to scale down operations during difficult times. For others with more resilient systems and strong leadership, it is simply a question of adopting to the new environment. This applies no less to the continuing professional development of employees, as this brings opportunities to create higher cost efficiency in the business and maintain safety.

In view of the current COVID-19 pandemic and low oil prices, leading oil & gas organisations are looking re-configure their learning methods. They are switching their mode of learning from physical classroom-led courses to virtual instructor-led training (VILT). In view of current travel restrictions, this is particularly useful. VILT removes the need to travel for learning altogether. This in turn reduces costs related learner accommodation and transport. With employees working remotely or at home, VILT also ensures employees remain productive by acquiring new skills when out of office.

Just to be clear, VILT is not the same as e-learning or anything close to virtual reality (VR) based training for that matter.  In fact, VILT is structurally similar to classroom learning with the only difference being that the classroom is created virtually online. The course content offered in a VLIT will mirror what a classroom course aims to achieve.  Learners assemble at the designated time online, meet the other learners and instructor, and interact or chat in very much the same way as they would in a physical classroom setting. The latest video conferencing software tools offer great functionality like access to whiteboards, quizzes and online assessments. All this, with minimal use of internet bandwidth, so technical interruptions are rare (or getting rarer!).  

Don’t be misled by thinking that this initiative is a temporary fix or a cost saving measure during the current crisis. The learning approach taken in VILT has comparable value to traditional classroom training. The learning outcomes for learners do not get watered down with VILT, if executed professionally. In fact, the VILT learning method is expected to outlast the current crisis, as it offers many attractive opportunities for learning across larger groups of people in several (or remote) locations.

Could this be the new learning path for your organisation right now?

Think smart and act proactively. Join the list of other progressive oil & gas organisations that are embarking this new learning journey.

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