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A world leader in offshore wind installation and service solutions A2SEA is dedicated to providing the offshore wind industry with safer, sustainable, and more cost-efficient operations − through know-how, seamless integration of installation and service solutions, and quality of performance. A2SEA was established in the year 2000 with transport, installation, and servicing of offshore wind farms as its core business and has subsequently installed more than 1,500 turbines and 400 foundations by the end of 2016. The head office and main support functions are in Fredericia, Denmark, but to be close to our main markets and customers we have established a presence with local subsidiaries in Germany and the UK. In 2015, A2SEA had a nett turnover of EUR 105m and an EBITDA of EUR 41m. As per the end of 2015, the equity was EUR 280m and the company employed around 200 people. Our continued success in providing services in a range of markets demonstrates the flexibility of both our vessels and the team at A2SEA.

Sector: Maritime

Website: http://www.a2sea.com

Year Established: 2000