AGAS International



A-Gas is an international group of companies with headquarters in the United Kingdom and trading subsidiaries in the UK, South Africa, Australia, South East Asia, China, Thailand and the Americas. Our core business is focused on: Refrigerants used for heat exchange in air conditioning and chilling applications. Industrial special products including industrial and specialty gases used in a variety of applications. Environmental services providing full environmental services for the recovery and reclamation of environmentally sensitive products such as HCFCs, HFCs, Halons and associated products. Performance chemicals such as blowing agents used in the manufacture of insulating foams and chemicals used in the electronics industry. Fire protection recovery, reclamation storage and management of Halons, supply and reclamation of Clean Agent Fire suppressants such as HFC227ea, HFC125, HFC236fa. A-Gas, founded in 1993, is a market leader in the supply of refrigerants within its core territories in the UK, Australia and South Africa, with modern state-of-the-art storage, blending and packaging facilities in Bristol, Melbourne and Cape Town. A-Gas is rapidly growing its market share in Asia and the Americas with sales and technical staff based in Singapore, China, Thailand and substantial facilities in the USA in Houston and Ohio.

Sector: Chemicals


Year Established: 1993