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Anhui Province Energy Group Co., Ltd. is funded by the provincial government set up state-owned company, is the provincial government authorized investment institutions and state-owned assets management body, responsible for the provincial capital of electricity, gas and other energy construction raising, investment management, and construction project asset management and capital operation. At present, the company has formed a power, gas, financial and synergistic development of three major industries, coal logistics, new energy, electricity production and service industries to provide strong support for the healthy development pattern. In 2014, Anhui Province Energy Group Company realized a total profit of 3.1 billion yuan, a record level. By the end of 2014, the Group's total assets of 36.5 billion yuan, net assets of 21.1 billion yuan. Existing installed capacity of 6.15 million kilowatts holding power, natural gas branch trunk pipeline network built 1200 km, gas range has covered all the province except Huangshan prefecture-level city. Group companies are wholly-owned subsidiaries and holding two of 18, which Wenergy Anhui Co., Ltd. is a listed company in 1993 the power of the first standardized restructuring, its holding Anhui Tongling Power Generation Limited 100 million KW Anhui Province is the first million-kilowatt generating units. Magnificent present, the company focus on the theme of scientific development, to seize the opportunity to accelerate the rise of the province, according to the "big energy, big projects, big reorganization, large open" development ideas, and strive to achieve by 2020 to create "hundreds of billions Wenergy" in objective, to accelerate economic and social development and make greater contribution to Anhui.

Sector: Oil & Energy

Website: http://www.wenergy.com.cn

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