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APR Energy is a global leader in rapidly delivered, large-scale power solutions and the world’s leading provider of fast-track mobile turbine power. Through our use of highly mobile, turnkey power plants, APR Energy delivers, within weeks, large blocks of power that can run entire cities. The reliable power we provide helps foster economic growth, socio-political stability, and an overall improved quality of life for the communities we serve. Large-Scale Power – Fast • Power plants can scale to more than 500MW • Operational in as fast as 30 days • Dual-fuel mobile turbines • Diesel and natural gas generators • Leader in fuel flexibility • Cost effective and fuel efficient • Strategic alliance with GE Fast-Track Power APR Energy delivers power fast – when and where it is needed. We combine highly mobile technology with proprietary modular plant design and advanced engineering, logistics, and installation capabilities to deploy, install, and commission a large-scale power plant within days or weeks, not years. Advanced, Mobile Technology APR Energy offers the newest power generation fleet in the industry, including mobile gas turbine technology from GE, as well as diesel and natural gas reciprocating-engine power modules from Caterpillar. Our technology provides the latest advancements in fuel efficiency, fuel flexibility and emissions controls, as well as remote automation and monitoring capabilities, and automatic reactive power control for voltage support and grid stability. Customized, Flexible Solutions APR Energy builds customized solutions to accommodate specific customer requirements respective to application, scale, generation technology preference, fuel type, voltage range, and configuration needed to fit a given site. We also offer flexible business terms to help serve our customers’ unique financial and contractual needs.

Sector: Oil & Energy

Website: http://www.aprenergy.com/asia-pacific

Year Established: 2001