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Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC)

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Mission "Accelerating economic development in the ASEZ by prudently leveraging public resources and aggressively mobilizing private sector participation to transform ASEZ into a sustainable economic growth engine for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan” Vision “To have successfully established Aqaba as the new economic development model for Jordan ” Objectives ADC's main goal is to unlock Aqaba's economic potential - to do deals and mobilize private investment by packaging opportunities and prudently leveraging public resources. To do this, ADC has identified five main objectives to realize its mission: Strategic Assets Develop and manage ASEZ's strategic assets such as its ports and airports in accordance with sound business principles and practices to optimize private sector participation in their development and management so as to accelerate their performance and ASEZ's economic growth and development. Business Enabling Infrastructure and Projects Develop and manage business enabling projects and infrastructure to underpin and optimize private sector participation so as to accelerate ASEZ's economic growth and development. Economic Development Undertake transactions that stimulate ASEZ's economy and promote the overall economic growth and development of ASEZ and the Kingdom of Jordan Sustainable Results and Returns Realize its business objectives on a viable and sustainable basis that not only realizes the economic and social development of ASEZ and the Kingdom, but also generates adequate returns for ADC's shareholders and investors in the zone. Private Sector Ownership and Operation Enable significant private sector management of ADC and maximize private sector participation in all its deals.

Sector: Investment Management

Website: http://www.adc.jo/

Year Established: 2004