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Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company



Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company is one of the 9 Iranian petroleum refining companies. It was erected on an approximate area of 700 Hectares on the North coastline of the Persian Gulf near Bandar Abbas city. The company was exploited in 1997.It started with a capacity of 232000 b/d (barrel per day) to cater to domestic demands of oil products and also target the export market. The nominal capacity of company was increased to 320,000 b/d in July 2008 with attempt and endeavor of specialized and committed domestic manpowers.In 2012, by increasing 30,000 barrels of condensate to distillation and visbreaker units feedstock due to an innovative capacity improvement project without any expenditure and investment, this company was achieved to upgrade its capacity to 350,000 b/d. Refinery feedstock includes 20,000 b/d of light crude oil from Hengam island, 300,000 b/d of heavy crude oil from Khark island and 30,000 b/d of condensate from Sarkhoon and Asalouyeh gaseous fields now.Using advanced design technology in Bandar Abbas oil refinery caused the industrial development as well as the qualitative and quantitative products of the company.Much attention and care have been made in design phase of refinery to apply the most advanced global up-to-date technologies for observing safety principles, prevention from environment pollution, reduction energy waste and having operational and production flexibility.

Sector: Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

Website: http://www.baorco.ir/

Year Established: 1992