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Barapukuria Coal Mining Company Limited



The geological Survey of Bangladesh (G.S.B) discovered Barapukuria Coal field in 1985. Since that a detailed feasibility study were carried out by M/S Wardell Armstrong (U.K based Organization) & China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation (C.M.C) in Barapukuria coal field. 33 nos of boreholes were drilled, delimited the area of reserve, determined the structure and the coal seam characteristics were identified in terms of thickness, quality etc. at that time. According to the necessity during development and production period of the mine, additional 5 boreholes were drilled by XMC/CMC consortium in mining area during 2013-2014. Asia Energy Corporation (A.E.C) Bangladesh pty. ltd drilled 4 nos of boreholes in 2005 at the southern side of Barapukuria Lease Area and confirmed the extension of the coal seam towards south. Institute of Water Modelling (IWM), Bangladesh drilled 8 nos of exploratory boreholes in 2013-2014 at the Northern side of the coal field under a study work relating to groundwater modelling in that area.

Sector: Oil & Energy

Website: http://www.bcmcl.org.bd/

Year Established: 1985