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Kunlun Energy Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Kunlun Energy” or the “Company”), headquartered in Hong Kong, is incorporated in Bermuda (U.K.) and its shares are listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code: 0135.HK). It is an international energy company controlled by PetroChina Company Limited, and is one of the constituent stocks of the Hang Seng China-Affiliated Corporations Index. Currently, the principal activities of the Company are the exploration and development of oil and gas fields in mainland China, Kazakhstan, Oman, Peru, Thailand, Azerbaijan, and the end-users sale of natural gas in mainland China. Kunlun Energy is committed to become the largest company engaged in the end-users sale of natural gas business in the PRC. The Company insists on leading in the direction of energy-saving, less emission and greener development, paying more efforts in developing the low-carbon clean energy and new energy business. Under the premise of maintaining stable operation of the existing exploration and development business, actively promoting the swift development of natural gas end-users sale and application business, focusing on the Liquefied natural gas (LNG) business, implementing the “substitution of oil with natural gas” strategy, and striving to develop a high-end market for the application of natural gas. Therefore, the Company has officially changed its name from “CNPC (Hong Kong) Limited” to “Kunlun Energy Company Limited” on 22 March 2010, so as to better promote the concept of “Low-Carbon Economy, Green Development” that the Company upholds, and broadens the content of its business development.

Sector: Oil & Energy

Website: http://www.kunlun.com.hk/html/ab_profile.php

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