Buffalo Pumps

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Quality centrifugal pumps have been manufactured by Buffalo Pumps and its predecessors for more than a century. Commercial use dates back to 1887 and marine applications predate World War I. -Our company's plant in North Tonawanda, New York, sits on the ground where it was originally built. Over the years, the 94,300 square-foot facility has undergone several renovations and received a major addition. All facets of operations, including engineering, manufacturing and sales, are contained under one roof - making Buffalo Pumps a "single source" supplier for any pump customer. We have overhaul capabilities to reproduce parts that were originally manufactured 40-50 years ago. Because of advances in technology, replacement parts are often superior to the originals.

Sector: Machinery

Website: http://www.buffalopumps.com/

Year Established: 1950