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Bumitech Global Energy Sdn.Bhd (781730-D ) is a Malaysian incorporated Bumiputera company specialized offering services in NDT services, inspection, engineering and maintenance to the oil and gas industries, power plants, petroleum, refineries, petrochemical plants and other heavy industries where it entails meeting their shutdown and every day emergency requirements. Bumitech Global Energy Sdn. Bhd is committed to customer service which allows us to address these daily requirements. We offer a complete range of non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment and services to inspect metal tube, pipe, bar, wire and other parts. The inspection of as-fabricated piping, pressure vessels, painting and tank has been at the core of our company's services as well as during shut down activities. We also perform radiography using isotopes and film, MPI, DPI, videoscope, boroscope and any others method of NDT. We are knowledgeable and experienced in inspecting pressure vessel, piping, painting and tank since our personnel do have certifications in the above mentioned area. We employ personnel that are active members of ASNT, PCN and API also broad experiences as to always stay abreast with what is happening in the industry as it relates to the quality field. We encourage our employees to upgrade their skills and knowledge by attending seminars and courses. The objectives of Bumitech Global Energy Sdn. Bhd are to promote local and Bumiputera participation in engineering and maintenance activities in oil and gas, power plants and other heavy industries; secondly to acquire technology transferred from foreign expertise, and lastly to provide specialized services to various industries. Our philosophy at (Bumitech Global Energy Sdn. Bhd) is that true quality is only achieved with total commitment of employees and management at every level. Bumitech Global Energy Sdn. Bhd is managed by a group of experienced management and staffs, together, supported by a team of skillful technicians, engineers and technical supervisors whom are commitment to ensure smooth operation as well as quality control at all sites. We are confident in providing a comprehensive warranty for all jobs done by us. We believe we have the experiences and the expertise to undertake any NDT Inspection work related to engineering and maintenance works.

Sector: Oil & Gas

Website: http://www.mprc.gov.my/properties/bumitech-global-energy-sdn-bhd

Year Established: 2007