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Our metal disintegration is our core business encompassing a diverse spectrum of metal disintegration services in addition to sales, service, and training. . CBG uses state-of-the-art Metal Disintegrating Machines (MDM) to provide the customer the quickest, most accurate, and cost efficient method for the removal of broken tools, taps, bolts, studs, pins, center drills, tube expanders, and set screws in large stationery equipment and vehicles. Our mobility and flexibility allows our services to be performed on-site or at our complete shop facility. The MDM are portable enough to allow setup in tight surroundings, such as submarines. Our process uses the highest quality MDM for removing metal without damaging the host equipment. 2. CBG provides Hydrokineticル cleaning of condensers and heat exchangers. This process is based on frequency resonance and how frequencies differ when traveling through various materials resulting in the release/ejection of the obstruction from the tubing. This course of action often works best in situations where traditional cleaning fails ヨ odd shaped bundles, U-shaped tubing, and/or totally blocked lines. Hydrokineticメsル is a fast, safe, and clean process, which defines the solution to the costly maintenance problems encountered in complexes around the world. CBG has an AMERICAN BUREAU of SHIPPING Certificate of Design Assessment for Hydrokineticル for the cleaning of heat exchangers, condensers, and piping onboard ships and off shore

Sector: Machinery

Website: http://www.cbgmaintenance.com/

Year Established: 2002