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China Railway Tenth Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CREC-10)



A backbone enterprise of China Railway Engineering Corporation, which is one of the World Top 500, China Railway No.10 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. is a super-large state-held cross-industry, transnational construction corporation, mainly specializing in contracting architectural engineering. It possesses a series of government-registered or issued qualification certificates which include: Super Class General Contractor of Railway Engineering Construction;  Class A General Contractor of Highway Projects, Municipal Works, Building Works; Class A Special Contractor of many categories of engineering works, ranging from bridge, tunnel, railway track-laying and girder-erection project, environmental protection project, steel-structure works, railway electrification, communication, signaling and electric power projects, to road bed and surface, earth & stone works, architectural decoration project, intelligent building, electromechanical equipment installation engineering; Class B General Contractor of blasting demolition, water conservancy, hydropower project and telecommunication; (Ⅱ)class qualification of railway design, the second class of estate development, specialized Contractor of urban mass transit project. Additionally, it has also class A qualification certificate for contracting engineering project abroad and undertaking comprehensive supporting project of foreign aid.

Sector: Transportation/Trucking/Railroad

Website: http://www.cr10g.com/

Year Established: