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Demar Instaladora Y Constructora S.A. DE C.V.

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DEMAR is a Mexican company incorporated in 1990, dedicated to the design, procurement, construction, installation, maintenance and services for the oil industry, both onshore and offshore. Initially, the company's work focused on the rehabilitation, installation and commissioning of equipment located in the mainland. Over time, our work has been extended to the marine area, and other facilities of PEMEX Gas, Petrochemical and PEMEX Refining. Today, DEMAR occupies a relevant position among the construction companies that work for PEMEX in its marine regions. We have the trust of our clients to meet the highest technological requirements of the projects entrusted to us. We take care of the Security, the Environment, The Occupational Health of our workers and our Social Responsibility. What does Demar mean? For its Clients: It is a company that satisfies its requirements in a timely manner and is always ready to support them, for the best achievement of its purposes and with the quality contracted as a minimum. For its Workers: It is a company concerned with providing its staff with job stability, where they are asked to raise their quality of life and professional development, through the establishment of highly competitive policies and general conditions of work, in relation to those that prevail in the market. For your Suppliers: It is a company that considers its suppliers of goods and services as an extension of it. For the Bank and its Investors: It is a reliable creditor, Which timely fulfills its financial commitments and maintains in a reasonable way its level of indebtedness. For the Society: It is a company that recognizes and properly fulfills its responsibilities for the welfare of its employees, the communities where it carries out its work and society as a whole.

Sector: Construction

Website: http://www.demar.com.mx

Year Established: 1990