We understand the benefits of well-designed products manufactured from quality

materials under the guidance of an accredited manufacturing process provides

the value for money everyone looks for. However products made from inferior

materials and an inferior process may save initially in purchase costs but will

inevitably cost more. Today’s business is driven on efficiencies and productivity,

program stoppages due to very low cost items can be a very frustrating period and

one we all would like to dodge.

At Dscaff, our approach is a no compromise attitude. We have implemented

and strictly adhere to our accredited ISO 9001:2008 quality processes. from the

time our raw materials arrive at the factory we keep track throughout the entire

manufacturing process through to the finished product hitting the store. Every

product we manufacture undergoes rigorous testing. Not only from a capabilities

perspective but from the practical operational usage also.

Our quality commitment does not end with manufacturing;

we are committed to a philosophy of continuous improvement in everything we

do. Our staffs are not only trained in manufacturing techniques of current day best

practice, we also train our staff to understand the industries we service.

We strive to provide the highest quality scaffolding products at the best possible

value every time.

Sector: Engineering

Website: http://www.dscaff.com

Year Established: 2012