Econ Industries Gmbh



econ industries offers solutions for the treatment of hazardous industrial waste, such as contaminated soils, drill cuttings, spent catalyst, spent active carbon, sludge, filter-cakes, etc. The company's proprietary VacuDryᆴ technology uses heat and vacuum to separate the hazardous contaminants like mercury, pesticides, PCB, PAH, organic lead compounds, as well as almost all other evaporable hydrocarbons. Apart from certain standardized solutions for stationary and semi-mobile equipment econ industries is also able to provide custom made solutions, e.g. for the treatment of N.O.R.M. wastes from the oil and gas industry. The state-of-the-art VacuDryᆴ technology not only allows for different kinds of waste to be recycled, but it is also far more energy efficient than other thermal treatment techniques and delivers extremely low emission volumes.

Sector: Renewables & Environment


Year Established: 2003