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eWON is an innovative Belgian company that manufactures industrial routers for secure industrial connectivity across the Internet. Over the last 10 years, eWON has become a worldwide market challenger for intelligent Internet remote access devices for PLCs and automation systems. With the development of Talk2M, eWON provides secure on-demand access to remote machines and devices with just a few mouse clicks. Talk2M was awarded the 2009 Belgian/Walloon Region Innovation Prize. Thanks to its growing market recognition, the eWON concept and Talk2M service have become a point of reference and a quality standard for every major company in the industry. eWON is distinguished by its innovation, passion, integrity, quality and long-term vision. eWON has the cutting-edge expertise, knowledge and know-how in the industrial remote access field and it constantly adapts its services and products to its clientsメ needs. eWON is passionate about giving their customers outstanding products and services.

Sector: Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing & Services

Website: https://ewon.biz/

Year Established: 2001