Farley Riggs Pty Ltd



As one of Australia?s largest Drill Stem Testing, Surface Well Testing and Data Acquisition service providers, Farley Riggs Pty Ltd is dedicated to delivering innovative, cost-effective and best-in-class solutions to oil and gas companies around the world. Farley Riggs was established in 2007 after one of Australia?s leading Drill Stem Testing service providers united with a prominent Surface Well Testing company to provide complete well testing services to Australian and international markets. Since its origins in the conventional oil and gas sector, Farley Riggs has seamlessly fostered the growth of, and transition to, unconventional resource exploration. Today, Farley Riggs specialises in solving the challenges associated with the ever-growing Coal Seam Gas (?CSG?) and Shale Gas industries whilst staying actively involved with the conventional sectors. With ongoing operations in Australia and South-East Asia, Farley Riggs has the technical experience to operate in a variety of environments under a variety of conditions. In the 2013 calendar year Farley Riggs launched 3 additional business streams. Through our new relationships with Aquamate and Red Deer Ironworks and a significantly increased equipment inventory we are now able to offer a wide range of rental equipment, above ground water storage solutions and also the sale of high quality iron work to the Australian resources industry. Farley Riggs has developed a reputation for its strong company values, high customer satisfaction, outstanding HSE history and ability to successfully achieve our objectives in the most challenging of environments. With continued investment in the development and improvement of its testing equipment, Farley Riggs is determined to become the service provider of choice for operators globally

Sector: Oil & Energy

Website: http://www.farleyriggs.com.au

Year Established: 2007