Febus Optics



FEBUS develops and produces a new generation of sensor system for the maintenance and monitoring of infrastructures. FEBUS stands for Fiber-optic Embedded Brillouin Unlocalized Sensing, it is a strain and temperature measurement system based on distributed optical fiber sensing. Our targeted markets are: oil and gas, nuclear, large infrastructures and offshore wind turbine. Febus first market is the monitoring of oil and gas production and transportation. The objective is to prevent pipeline failure (leak, explosion or any mechanical damage) which will result in a better integrity management and a significant reduction of operating loss. Our system will monitor the structural health of the pipeline over 20 km and identify a weakness before any failure occurs. This will be performed with an equipment easy to implement, robust and standalone (its low consumption enable the use of, for example, a photovoltaic panel to power it).

Sector: Machinery

Website: http://febus-optics.com/en/

Year Established: