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Filtech Energy Drilling Corporation (FEDCO) was organized in 2005 as an energy company based in the Philippines to cater to the consultancy and development needs of the expanding market in the worldwide geothermal industry. FEDCO will explore, drill, develop, exploit and manage geothermal resources for its clients and partners utilizing its vast and multifaceted experience honed from the Philippines and abroad. The company’s founding directors used to manage the PNOC-Energy Development Corporation (PNOC-EDC), the biggest geothermal company in the Philippines, with an installed capacity of nearly 1200 MW. Each of the officers has about 27-35 years of experience in geothermal development covering exploration, drilling, resource management and operations. At the helm of their stewardship of PNOC-EDC, 11 rigs simultaneously operated on various locations in the Philippines, drilling up to 44 wells in a year to depths of >3000 meters. They had been involved in the drilling of more than 500 geothermal wells in the country, mostly from PNOC-EDC and Chevron Geothermal Philippines.

Sector: Oil & Energy

Website: http://www.fedcophil.com/

Year Established: 2005