Forterra Pressure Pipe

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Designed and manufactured in accordance with American Waterworks Association (AWWA) Standards to satisfy the widest range of performance requirements, Forterra Pressure Pipe is available in a variety of lengths and diameters, and is used for high- to low-pressure and gravity-flow applications. Common uses for concrete and steel pressure pipe include water transmission and distribution lines, plant piping, sewer force mains, chilled water systems, irrigation networks, intake and outfall lines, and other diverse applications involving the movement of large quantities of water. Our team of experts is committed to manufacturing your product to your exact specifications. And we ensure your needs are met with our expansive network of manufacturing facilities that boast delivery capabilities spanning North America. Forterra Pressure Pipe has been handling the most demanding jobs for more than 70 years. We work tirelessly on projects for regional water authorities and districts, federal and state agencies, cities, counties, municipalities, the Army Corps of Engineers, port authorities, private companies and industrial clientsラincluding power plants.

Sector: Construction


Year Established: 1998