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GEMELS has been producing a full range of forged steel ball valves since many years. The reason for using this material is the high quality of the final product which can be obtained. The complete absence of inclusions makes forged steel the ideal material for high performance ball valves. GEMELS engineers and manufactures its range of ball valves with the maximum consideration for end user needs. GEMELS ball valves production system employs numerical control automatic and semi-automatic machines. Both using these machines and qualified technicians GEMELS strives to reach the モexcellence of the qualityヤ in its products both for the technical characteristics and the reliability in their use. The excellence of the quality is the main characteristic of GEMELS ball valves and it is possible due to the accurate selection of raw materials, staff and partners carried out by the management.

Sector: Mechanical & Electrical Services


Year Established: 1969