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GEOSYS is the first digital agriculture partner founded by agronomists and acting on a global scale. Our dual expertise ラ in agriculture and the high-tech world ラ is at the core of our identity and our commitment to our clients. It has given us a clear vision of the high stakes and rapidly changing landscape of the entire agriculture industry. That is why we created a suite of products to give growers, retailers, manufacturers, lenders and insurers the data, analysis and insights they need. We also work with partners to create branded, customized, scalable, Integrated Solutions to give them a unique competitive advantage in their markets and to help improve their business processes. The challenges this industry will face in the next 25 years and beyond will be transformative. With best-in-class digital agriculture solutions based on the most accurate data and expert analysis, GEOSYS will help you lead the new agricultural revolution.

Sector: Technology


Year Established: 1987