Gulf JP Compnay Limited



Gulf JP is the largest provider of electricity, serving both public (EGAT) and private clients in main industrial zones of Thailand. While the key business of Gulf JP is domestic power project development, Gulf JP sees new international ventures playing a significant role in the long term growth and strength of the company.Every project of Gulf JP uses a state-of-art-technology to ensure maximum capacity with least environmental impact and is committed to world environmental standard as well as rights and welfare of local communities. Sample events sponsored by Gulf JP are (i) the educational field trip, which encourages local people to learn and have a well understanding on the power plant business, the process of power generation, as well as its positive and negative consequences; (ii) the young river detective program, which teaches youths about ? and enable them to inspect their water resources; (iii) academic scholarship provided to students with good academic performance, yet limited fund; (iv) religious ceremonies on various religious occasions.

Sector: Oil & Energy


Year Established: 2007