Handy & Harman Tubes Company



HandyTube Corporation, a Handy & Harman Company, is a global stainless steel tube manufacturer based in Delaware, USA, and a premium manufacturer of Xtreme Lengthル seamless stainless steel coil tubing for diverse industries worldwide. HandyTube's seamless and straight length products are used in applications for the energy sector, chemical process & instrumentation, oil & gas transfer, aerospace & defense, chromatography, and shipbuilding industries. We work successfully with our customers worldwide, to take products from a raw idea to full implementation. We provide extensive customer-specific solutions for critical applications. A commitment to integrity has been synonymous with the name Handy & Harman throughout the years, and HandyTube Corporation is proud to share this belief. We make it evident in our dedication to high-quality service and products. Our experienced engineers provide expertise on new product development, refine ideas, explore options, create new solutions, and deliver on commitments.

Sector: Mechanical & Electrical Services

Website: http://handytube.com/

Year Established: 1948