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Hebei Provincial Construction Investment Corp

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Hebei Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviation HCIG), formerly known as Hebei Construction Investment Company, was established in August 1988. September 2009, the provincial government approved, the restructuring of state-owned limited liability company, the Hebei provincial government polymerization facility, guide social capital and financial capital, investment and financing platform to support economic development in Hebei Province, infrastructure and financial services platform industry platform, the state-owned capital operation mechanism to perform its regulatory functions by Hebei SASAC and investors, the company registered capital of 1.5 billion yuan. By the end of 2014, the Group consolidated total assets of 118.717 billion yuan, net assets of 47.745 billion yuan. System Group employees 10718 people, the participation of more than 180 holding companies, Hebei Construction Investment Holdings and the new heavens and green energy energy two listed companies involved in the initiation and establishment Beijing Datang Power Generation Co., Huaneng Power International Co., Ltd., Hebei Province assets belong to the largest capital investment in state-owned operating company.

Sector: Construction

Website: http://www.hecic.com.cn

Year Established: 1988