HSME Corporation Inc. began operations in 1976, and today it is - the world's leading manufacturer of piping and stop-regulating valves. Over the past four decades HSME Corporation has earned the appreciation of large companies such as the automobile concern Hyundai, shipbuilding companies, the concern Daewoo, the company Wartsila and of Doosan, which produce diesel engines and equipment for the shipbuilding industry and energy. Company HSME Corporation's reputation is based on the use of high technology in the production process, as well as strict quality control. HSME Corporation in Russia in the product mix of Korean corporations HSME Corporation, which is our company "HSME Rus", the number of: ユ Crimp, mortise and hydraulic fittings ユ Gates; ユ Ball Valves; ユ The safety and check valves; ユ Filter and quick couplings; ユ Subsystem for shipbuilding and diesel units in heavy industry and much more. Advantages of our company "HSME Rus" - a reliable and trusted distributor of Korean corporations. At the core of our productive work are: ユ The professionalism of each employee. We offer competent solutions to any, even the most complex tasks. ユ Implementation only innovative products to meet the requirements of modern industry and production. ユ Genuine quality. HSME Corporation products enjoy worldwide success. ユ Individual approach to each customer of the company. Depending on the specialization, in which the client works, our engineers will conduct a consultation and help you choose the most reliable equipment. In addition, when used with Flow Control and valves from our company, the entire system assembly process is simplified, which greatly saves time.

Sector: Industrial Equipment Supplier & Services

Website: http://www.hsmecorp.com/

Year Established: 1976