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Hyundai Hysco (United States of America)



Hyundai Hysco is a manufacture of Automotive steel sheet products and various steel pipes. Its corporate office is located in Seoul, and it also operates works in Ulsan, Dangjin, and Suncheon in South Korea and now building global operations worldwide. Currently, Hyundai Hysco operates three works in Korea, seven Overseas Processing Centers, and five overseas office internationally.Hyundai Hysco was established under the name Kyung-il Industrial Co., Ltd. in 1975. The company was renamed to Hyundai Pipe Co., Ltd. in 1980 soon after the completion of its full-scale steel pipe plant in 1979. As a scheme to be a leading steel company in the global market, the company was renamed once again to Hyundai Hysco in February 2001.In 1997, Hyundai Hysco set a new record in the steel industry by producing over 10 million tons of steel pipes in 1997.So for over 20 years since the establishment, Hyundai Hysco has been the leading company in the Korean steel pipe industry. After taking the largest market share in the steel pipe industry, Hyundai Hysco entered the market for cold rolled products, which require the highest level of technology among other sectors of the steel industries. Hyundai Hysco has begun the commercial production of cold rolled products in April 1999. Since then, Hyundai Hysco set numerous records in the area of cold rolling, rewriting the history of Korean steel industries. Hyundai Hysco's record-breaking achievements include the building of a full capacity system in less than one year from the commencement of commercial production and producing 5 million tons of automotive steel products in five years. In 2004, Hyundai Hysco took over an old and standtill works, Hanbo Steel, in Dangjin in a consortium with Hyundai Steel. By taking over the old and abandoned works and successfully completing the normalization in 2006, Hyundai Hysco not only build the 3.8 million tons of cold rolling capacity per year, but also contributed to the Korean economy.

Sector: Mining & Metals

Website: http://www.hysco.com

Year Established: 1975