Impact Selector International

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Impact Selector Incorporated manufactures, rents, and leases a comprehensive line of technologically advanced mechanical impact tools for open-hole and cased-hole wireline operations. Our jars allow for more efficient and safer operations in even the harshest environments by virtually eliminating the risk of a stuck string and the staggering costs associated with stripovers, fishing, and rig downtime. Their vastly superior efficiency, combined with instantaneous resetting and unlimited activation cycles, often enables additional runs within a given time frame and budget. ISI wireline jars have saved operating companies and servicing contractors valuable time and money in the Gulf of Mexico, increasing the net present value of assets. And should you choose to do business with Impact Selector, we think you'll find our performance as striking as that of our products. Because at ISI, we place as much emphasis on providing consistently superior customer support as we do on making the best-performing jars on the market. Whereas some companies offer little more than drop-off renting and leasing, we offer a full slate of services to ensure that our customers derive the utmost in safety, productivity, cost-efficiency, and added value from Impact Selector equipment.

Sector: Oil & Energy


Year Established: 1991