In-Place Machining Company, Inc.

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In-Place Machining Company is a world wide leader in providing specialized on-site machining, welding and alignment services to a wide range of industrial, scientific, and military customers around the world. Our expertise includes providing unique machining solutions, R-stamp certified welding, portable brush plating, flame spray, Metalstitchᆴ cold repair of cast iron, and complete laser, optical and mechanical alignment. IPM is growing, and we look to hire the best employees to support our needs. In-Place Machining Company is a customer driven company offering specialized services and technology, and as a result we work in a fast moving, exciting, and at times stressful environment. A successful candidate will enjoy working in this unique job at a service driven company that specializes in solving one-of-a-kind problems for our customers.

Sector: Machinery


Year Established: 1955