Intraports Marine Pte Ltd



Intraports Marine Pte Ltd is a well established Singapore registered company whose main business is associated with providing the charter, management, sales and purchase of a full range of vessels, to primarily service the requirements of the offshore oil and gas industries in addition to the provision of dredging and marine equipment as well as marine cargo transportation. Intraports Marine Pte Ltd has over 15 years experience in anchor handling, towing and transportation of a wide variety of materials including modules, cranes and heavy lifting equipment. Intraports Marine also works through reliable sub-agents in other ports. Agency services are provided for vessels such as tugs & barges, bulk carriers, tankers, trampers, cargo vessels as well as other specialized vessels. The company also has vast experience in the management of numerous shipping-related operations such as movement of project equipment from point of origin to many remote areas, salvage of damaged or stranded vessels, ship demolition, beginning with sourcing the vessels purchasing them and delivery to ship breakers.

Sector: Maritime


Year Established: 1994