Isu Chemical Co., Ltd.



A sincere commitment to everything we do has always been the spirit that has led the Isu Group from the very beginning. This spirit of sincerity has helped us forge ahead with projects and products that have contributed to a more prosperous and rewarding world.

Today, in this extremely competitive world, ISU Group has renewed its commitment to stay on the cutting edge. Once again this is being achieved through a sincere commitment to a progressive and yet flexible managerial programs, and a globalization of our systems.

To achieve this we are restructuring a number of strategic industrial and high technology areas like integrated fine chemicals, new materials, construction, leisure facilities and finance. The focus in all these areas is on both hardware and software so that an ideal combination can be worked out to give us the competing edge. Our long experience comes in handy to help us emphasize on qualitative and not quantitative growth.

Sector: Chemicals


Year Established: 1969