Itt Bornemann

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ITT Bornemann represents German engineering in industrial pumping with a special focus on twin-screw pumps. Customizing for specific applications and unique systems, Bornemannメs twin-screw pumps are ideal applications in scenarios where deposits are extremely viscous or high temperatures are required, where densities, pressures and gas-liquid compositions fluctuate or where centrifugal pumps easily vapor lock. Bornemann pumps feature low pulsation and vibration, and prime themselves in scenarios where dry running occurs. The brand currently offers over 80 varieties of twin-screw pumps for a wide range of applications across key global industries. ITT Bornemann has a reputation of pump innovation dating back to 1853 that hinges on relentless innovation, precision, reliability and service. In 1934, Bornemann patented the twin-screw pump with external bearings. Since then, Bornemann has continued to deliver cutting-edge pump technology to markets worldwide.

Sector: Machinery


Year Established: 1853