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On 18th May 2011 an Industry Press Release stated that one of the most entrepreneurial names in the shipping industry had agreed to buy certain of the assets of the Felixstowe-based Johnson Stevens Agencies from the Administrators, PKF. Andrew Thorne, who owns several shipping companies in the UK and overseas, took on certain of the shipping lines which were previously represented by the Johnson Stevens business with immediate effect, under the name JSA Global Ltd. Over the last 3 decades Johnson Stevens Agencies Limited played a major part in the Liner agency business and has become the leading independent liner agent in the UK. The reasons behind our extraordinary growth are really quite simple ? it?s all down to organisation and planning. Years ago, we planned to spearhead the containerisation revolution and quickly established a leadership position with our expertise in what was then a brand new field. We searched for strategic partners and ?blue chip? shipping lines to represent, feeling as we did that an agent is only as good as his lines. We succeeded. We hired some of the very best, experienced shipping personnel ? the kind of people to both maintain a tradition of intelligent, personalised service as well as a strong sales and marketing strategy. We planned to establish an organisation with flexibility allowing for everything from less than container loads to break bulk and full loads, servicing everything from ship?s husbandry to customs clearances, refusing to position ourselves in a rigid or one-dimensional way. We saw ourselves as a forward-thinking, solid company who could provide a comprehensive range of value added services to the liner shipping industry. We still do, our philosophy hasn?t changed. We?re still planning. We use technology to save our clients time and money. Ours is not only a story of growth, it?s a story of consolidation. Today JSA is a solid, respected company with a distinguished reputation to uphold. Our principals believe in us because they rely on us to fill their ships cost-effectively and the shipping community believes in us because of our proven record for honesty and reliability. We are experts in our field, from marine operations, trucking, equipment control, vessel planning, documentation, accounting and sales and marketing. If you want the best out of your business then you need the best agent ? look no further than JSA Global!

Sector: Oil & Energy

Website: http://www.jsaglobal.com/

Year Established: