Kapar Energy Ventures Sdn Bhd



KAPAR ENERGY VENTURES (KEV) also known as Stesen Janaelektrik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz (SJSSAA) Kapar, is the largest thermal plant in Malaysia, located 56km west of Kuala Lumpur facing the straits of Malacca. KEV generating 2420MW which contribute 15% of the country's energy demand. Besides, it is the only power plant in Malaysia with triple fuel firing capacibility. Planning for the power plant started in late 1970 by NEB while the construction work commenced in 1981. It was constructed on a reclaimed mangrove swampland. The plant is officially opened by Sultan Selangor on 14/3/1987. After about 25 year of operation under LLN and TNB, KEV is formed and fully run as an IPP with the equity of 60% TNB and 40% Malakoff.

Sector: Utilities

Website: http://www.kaparenergy.com.my

Year Established: