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KEPCO E&C (Korea Electric Power Corporation Engineering and Construction)



KEPCO E&C was founded in 1975 with the objective of obtaining core technology. It has since grown to independently design power plants, and has attained remarkable achievements in developing the Korean-model reactor and independent technology in both fossil fuel and nuclear plants, thanks to the tireless efforts and enthusiasm of all our executives and employees. The plants designed by KEPCO E&C, based on its superior technical expertise, represent the company's world-class technological standards, and have contributed to the enhancement of national energy competitiveness. More recently, the company demonstrated remarkable achievements in its highly-advanced environment businesses, as well as the renewable energy field, including desulfurization and denitrification based on the know-how and design experiences of the company?s environment-friendly plants which lead the low carbon, green growth of Korea. KEPCO E&C is looking to carry this prestige overseas based on its customer satisfaction ideology, where customer value is the top priority alongside universally-recognized technical expertise. KEPCO E&C is constructing its first-ever nuclear power plant in the UAE, and establishing a foothold for entry into overseas markets. For this project, KEPCO E&C is undertaking the nuclear steam supply system design and the architect engineering, and is designing and construction 5,600MW Korean-type nuclear power plants in the UAE on the basis of the Korean Advanced Power Reactor (APR1400), which is highly regarded for its remarkably improved safety and economy. Your unwavering interest and support for KEPCO E&C will be of great encouragement to us in our quest to maintain sustainable growth and development. I request your continued support as we march toward becoming a world-class enterprise that integrates humanity, environmental conversation and advanced technology.

Sector: Mechanical/Industrial Engineering

Website: http://www.KEPCO-ENC.com

Year Established: 1975