Kernel Oil Pte Ltd



Kernel Oil Private Limited was first established in 2004 in Singapore, with an aim towards Crude Oil and Oil Product trading. Fulfilling the evergrowing need for a reliable and trustworthy partner, committed to the delivery and supply of hydrocarbons and energy needed for the world markets - especially to National Oil Companies (NOCs) and third parties. Kernel's core activities are trading of physical barrels of crude oil and products. We deal in a wide array of crude oil grades coming from the Far East, Persian Gulf, Mediterranean and West Africa. Our product portfoliio includes trade in Bitumen Residue, Gasoline, Gas Oil, Fuel Oil, High Speed Diesel, Naphtha, Vaccume Residue and others. Kernel's long term goal is to be at the forefront of the energy supply chain, while upholding our core values of Integrity, Honesty, Knowledge and Capability. Kernel endeavours to establish a strong reputation in ther market, expanding our network of customers while retaining amicable relationships with our existing clients. Presently, Kernel Oil is a multinational company with offices in Singapore, Jakarta, Thailand, Dubai, Australia and Geneva, and will continue to expand in the following years.

Sector: Oil & Energy


Year Established: