Lampson International

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Lampson International has been a worldwide leader in the Heavy Lift and Transport industry for over 65 years. Originally started as a small drayage company, they quickly grew into one of the most innovative and respected providers of equipment and full-service rigging services in the United States and abroad. The introduction of the Lampson crawler transporter in the early 1970's laid the groundwork for what has become the most versatile heavy lift system on the market. Today, crawler transporters are designed for safe, efficient movement of heavy outsize cargo on roads whose surfaces are not conducive to rubber tired transport methods. These track driven transporters are equipped with individual side by side drive trains, which allow unmatched maneuverability in congested areas. Manufactured in capacities from 400 to 4000 US tons with draw bar pull values exceeding 2 million pounds, the Lampson crawler transporter is a true workhorse of the industry.

Sector: Transportation


Year Established: 1970