Mitr Phol Bio-Power Co. Ltd



Over half a century, Mitr Phol Group has been conducting cane and sugar business along with Thai's way of life under the following working philosophy. Strive for Leadership . At Mitr Phol, we aim to produce and offer high quality products for our consumers with the best of our efforts in every process we do. Believe in the Value of Human Dignity .At Mitr Phol, we have a firm conviction that human resources are the most valuable assets of the organization. We take pride in encouraging every team member to gain knowledge and skills in what they do. It is our commitment to enhance the performance of Mitr Phol Group by combing the individual talents of our human resources. Stand Tall in Fairness At Mitr Phol, we conduct our business with utmost integrity and are fair in dealing with our stakeholders, especially our employees, farmers, buyers, suppliers and consumers. Responsible for Society . At Mitr Phol, we are committed to operate our business under the respected principle of "Grow Together" that emphasizes on social and environmental development no less than business development.

Sector: Oil & Energy


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