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MTCEngineering has been developing, testing, refining and producing excellent quality high performance motorcycle components for almost 50 years.  Whether it’s on the Drag Strip or Street, our products continue to be the performance-edge-of-choice for companies, teams, and individuals building the quickest and fastest motorcycles in the world.  Our engine components; Big Blocks & Pistons and our high performance Clutches have been a key ingredient to help many racers win championships. MTC Engineering is widely recognized for Experience Driven Proprietary Solutions.  We develop advanced product performance qualities by partnering with championship race teams; to run, test, and optimize our components with feedback from track proven results.  When new products have passed all the extreme rigors of the race track, they are introduced to you, the end user, as a proven leading edge product.  We utilize the latest analysis, manufacturing and inspection technologies available to assure the consistency and reliability of our manufacturing process and to expedite the delivery of the most robust component solutions to you, with confidence.

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