Nam Cheong Dockyard Sdn Bhd



Nam Cheong Dockyard Sdn Bhd was established in Sarawak in 1968. Currently operating from Miri, Sarawak, Nam Cheong possesses over four decades of experience in shipbuilding and ship repairs of ABS, BV, LR, NKK and KMM class steel hull vessels, making the company the No. 1 Offshore Support Vessel Builder in Malaysia. Since its incorporation, Nam Cheong has grown exponentially. In 2001, Nam Cheong moved its operation base to Kuala Baram in Miri. With a shipyard at Kuala Baram spanning over 30 acres, Nam Cheong is capable of producing 8 offshore support vessels a year, a figure that is projected to increase over the next few years. Nam Cheong has a proven track record of being a leader in the industry. In 1987, the company built the first high-tech Safety Standby Vessel for Sarawak Shell Berhad. Twenty years later, Nam Cheong continues to break new ground by being the first shipbuilding company to manufacture the first dynamic positioning 2 (DP2) vessel in Malaysia. Nam Cheong has also been meeting global demands since 1991, expanding its market to Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Australia and the Middle East. Today, the name Nam Cheong Dockyard has become synonymous with excellence in shipbuilding. Guided by the company's motto "Quality, Reliability, Delivery", Nam Cheong's expert project management ensures high levels of customer satisfaction. Nam Cheong draws its strength from its 40 year legacy and traditions, which have helped the company grow from strength to strength, evolving throughout the years to retain its unwavering commitment to building world-class vessels for Malaysia and the world.

Sector: Shipbuilding


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