Nama Chemicals Company



These are exciting and challenging times in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as we move away from an oil-dependent economy to a fully diversified industrial base. NAMA is playing an important role in this transition, by following the most rigorous global standards for quality control and process management to produce high quality products that contribute to the safety and the quality of life of millions of people around the world. We are deploying world-class technology in all our production plants and drawing on the finest expertise from around the world to implement best practices and the most exacting international standards for the industry. Acutely aware of our corporate social responsibility, NAMA is actively engaged in enhancing the well-being of its home city, Al Jubail, as well as surrounding communities on the coast of the Arabian Gulf. We are proud of the multicultural diversity among our executives and employees and we believe in training the local workforce to the highest degree of proficiency on the latest, most sophisticated technologies, thus providing well-paid, highly skilled jobs for our employees. We promote dynamic innovation and vigorous economic growth. NAMA is also fully committed to minimizing any adverse environmental impact by using the most advanced production processes in the industry. We feel this is the only responsible path, not only for the benefit of the global community, but to preserve a clean, healthy and beautiful homeland for the people of Saudi Arabia.Together, with our focus on fast delivery of our products, customer service, efficiency and absolute integrity, these practices will assure a prosperous future for NAMA and its employees, shareholders and partners.

Sector: Chemicals


Year Established: 1992