Neon Energy Ltd



Neon Energy Group is an international company focused in Energy-Efficient Solutions, Energy-efficient Aluminum Systems and Renewable Energy Solutions. Neon Energy strives to be a pioneer in the field of Green Energy Solutions by offering a wide range of products & services, which will ultimately contribute to world sustainability. The company operates in the field of Energy Saving providing the following products: - ENERGY EFFICIENT ALUMINIUM SYSTEMS VIGOR - HEAT PUMPS (cooling - heating) LG Therma V - LED LIGHTING: NEW LED TECHNOLOGY LAMPS ECOLIT LED - SOLAR WATER HEATERS by CALPAK & NEON ENERGY by CALPAK - INSULATION - THERMAL BREAK - ARMORED & THERMAL BREAK SECURITY DOORS .The company operates in Germany, Japan, USA, UAE, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, FYROM and occupies 2.500 employees around the world. As such, Neon Energy has laid the foundations for a long-term, dynamic and promising potential for global reach. Save Energy. At Neon Energy we strive to make the global community better through affordable energy performance solutions. A further commitment that ensures, we consider the environmental and social implications of everything we do.

Sector: Oil & Energy


Year Established: 1937