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Early beginnings. Following the formation of NOL in December 1968, experienced master mariners and marine engineers were recruited from advanced maritime nations to manage its ships. Realising the importance of local talents, NOL soon initiated an intensive and structured programme to train local professionals to manage its ships along with the foreign professionals.The birth of NSSPL.In 1983, a team of ship management professionals in NOL branched out to form NSSPL to manage the former's ships. Leveraging on her vast experience and culture from managing NOL's fleet of modern vessels, NSSPL has proven to be strategic in NOL's commercial success - growing into one of the most established and premier ship management companies in Asia. Our quality services and professionalism soon attracted the attention of other ship owners who wanted to tap on our solid track record in ship management. Besides ship management, NSSPL has diversified into other businesses, such as ship chandling and bunkering operation. Two such companies were formed and were subsequently sold to NOL.Backed by a committed crew.Selected through a stringent process, the NSSPL crew establishes intense inter-personal relationships while embodying the corporate culture at work and at play - exemplified by low staff turnover within the company.The role of a NSSPL ship manager. For a NSSPL ship manager, to be able to staff and operate a ship is just the beginning. Our ship manager's role is to ensure that the ship complies with flag, class, safety & environmental regulations, amongst others. In addition, the ship manager also liaises with cargo operators and maintains the vessel's operational readiness, as well as the physical and psychological welfare of the crew.A leader in new processes.When NOL conceived of a lightering business to meet the demands of crude oil transportation in the US Gulf, American Eagle Tankers (AET) was born in Jan 1994. Running a successful lightering business requires a highly customised and reliable infrastructure, coupled with specialised expertise in handling vessels in high seas and executing ship-to-ship transfer operations. The good practices and experience gained over the years enabled us to execute our role brilliantly in the demanding business of AET.Geared for tomorrow's challenges. Constantly looking for avenues to improve ourselves, we implemented a People and Culture approach in 2004 to tackle the new role and relationship between the Owner and Ship Manager. Our Culture reflects values that are both permissions and prohibitions on which we will act to support our customers' ventures. Constantly challenging existing paradigms, we continue to earn the trust and respect of existing Owners and like-minded third party ship owners who expect consistent and valued performance and experienced teams to support their growing shipping ventures.Our policy on quality. Our policy on quality is the foundation for our company's culture of excellence. This culture pervades throughout the company's activities, ranging from management's strategic thinking and the willingness to listen, to the desire to provide value and the acceptance of innovative ideas. Above all, superlative quality gives us a competitive edge unlike any other.NSSPL's quality objectives:To meet all contractual requirements of our customers. To continually improve our services. To encourage all staff to exercise their individual responsibility for quality. Management Commitment. Our management is fully committed to provide the resources and support required to ensure that our policy on quality is a success. Towards this end, our staff is also committed to comply with the relevant rules, codes and conventions governing maritime vessels, including safety and protection of the environment.Safety, Quality and Environmental Management System. Our belief in Safety, Quality & Environment protection extends to our commitment to our clients. We aim:To ensure safety at sea. To prevent human injury or loss of life, damage to property. To prevent pollution and protect the environment. Preserving assets with a strong sense of safety. Using processes that are derived from user driven methodology, more options are available for the user to execute required complex operations in today's demanding environment. We also employ modern risk management practices that further push the people-systems paradigm to create higher standards of excellence. This allows all our staff to be fully congruent in ensuring and supporting all the relevant rules, codes and conventions governing maritime vessels, which includes safety and protection of the environment in full alignment of our customer's business demands and needs. Improving with experience. Constantly challenging our customers to review the way we monitor our incident and accident trends, we promote a methodology of 'learning from' rather than ignoring. Our understanding and commitment to change and the formulation of new strategies ensures that your assets will always maintain, or if not improve under our care. Ultimately, our people running your ships have the required flexibility to choose from various procedural options to connect with your commercial goals.

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