Welcome to the Overseas Oil Services web site. Feel free to explore our site where you can learn about the services we provide in the oil and gas industry. Overseas Oil Services main focus of activities lies in two business sectors including the provision of man power services and oil and gas supplier representing. 1. OOS have Manpower Solutions . Founded in 2009, OOS is an ambitious supplier of Manpower services operating in the North African region. Since its creation established a large data base filled with many qualified candidates using a combination of traditional HR recruitment methodology enhanced by the technological functionality of OOS?s online job-posting and resume database www.overseaoilservices.com. Thanks to our highly trained agents and resources OOS has become an expert in conducting the most efficient, best ?results generator, real time recruitment. Our excellent customer service and experience skills help us to respond quickly to emergency situations onshore or offshore. OOS deploys supervisors immediately upon request. This is an advantage to our clients over other agencies by ensuring the execution of larger and mega projects faster than any other agencies. 2. Representation .Since the creation of OOS, our business development team has worked closely with many oil and gas projects throughout Tunisia. This is how OOS started their new business concept; to represent oil and gas suppliers seeking to expand their business in North Africa. OOS offers a strategic alliance for new companies seeking an introduction to the North African market, on-hand staffing, prospective tender information and new business relations. OOS provides marketing and Sales support for interested companies in developing and expanding their products and services in the region.

Sector: Oil & Energy

Website: http://www.overseasoilservices.com/

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