Pal Indonesia



Ability in designs that stand out from PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) has entered the international market and the quality has been recognized worldwide. The ships produced by PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) has sailed the waters around the world. The success of PAL INDONESIA is the result of careful planning and a commitment to always give the best. Supported by human resources professionals and experienced, modern management systems and advanced technology, we become producers as well as general engineering the largest ship, the leading and best in Indonesia. With competition in the production of commercial ships and speedboats, general engineering, as well as maintenance and repair. As a solution provider for companies in the maritime industry and general engineering, PAL Indoneisa also provides service packages plenary concerning comprehensive technical support, facilities financially, work same charter operations and joint ventures in many instances, PAL Indoneisa also instrumental in helping to build synergies between two or more enterprise customers who have specific needs and demands.

Sector: Shipbuilding


Year Established: