Petroleum Geo-Services



Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) is a marine-focused, geophysical company with a worldwide presence. Its headquarters are in Oslo, Norway, it has offices in over 25 countries, with regional hubs in London, Houston and Kuala Lumpur, and a global fleet. Operational efficiency, technological competence, innovation, and high quality MultiClient data are the cornerstones of the company's reputation. PGS ranks among the world's top marine seismic companies. PGS is organized in four units: Marine Contract, MultiClient, Operations and Imaging & Engineering. Marine Contract acquires seismic data under exclusive agreements for oil and gas companies and governments. MultiClient acquires non-exclusive seismic, and manages a large and diverse library. Companies license this data for their own exploration purposes. The PGS data library covers most key hydrocarbon and frontier areas. The Operations business unit supports Marine Contract and MultiClient with reliable and efficient production capacity as well as resource planning, fleet renewal and management. Imaging and Engineering provide a full range of processing, advanced imaging and reservoir-related processing services to exploration and production customers worldwide, and support the PGS? MultiClient library and regional MegaSurveys.

Sector: Oil & Energy


Year Established: 1991