PetroStars® delivers a new breed of engineers and Innovators to the Energy, Raw Materials & Environmental Sectors. Our foundation is truly valuing personnel's experiences and development and delivering on our promises. We are innovators with a cumulative 100 years and more of expertise in the oil and gas sectors with a mission to harmonize industries. Our core business currently focuses on Northern Europe and Western USA, branching out where innovation takes us and "Where Our People Want To Go " . Through our commercial business areas we are here to provide asset management, operating and consulting services. PetroStars® SRS is the core product line upon which we are building industry leading Sustainable, Reliable and Safe provisions which truly deliver excellence and trust in our ethics. PetroStars® SDC is our pillar for Drilling , Completion and Sustainable Upstream & DownStream Operations Our multidisciplinary team, bases itself on the pivotal expertise of Well Engineering, Mining & Raw Materials, alongside Project Management & Education. Our approach is driven by working with service providers, operators and regulators as well as NGOs to deliver excellence. Next to our daily business we are working in conjunction with several educational institutions to find high potentials for our future endeavors. Through the PetroStars® Development Academy, we are building knowledge banks for high potentials to enable their careers as well as training for engineering life.

Sector: Oil & Energy


Year Established: 2011